Occasionally you will discover that people will not be happy for you. But remember you cannot change that. It’s like iblis when he had everything at one point but with that hidden arrogant, jealously, envy and resentment, he lost the most precious thing and that was our beautiful creator.

We all are human and we are not perfect but we are always given a chance to dig deep and try to change that toxic behaviour. And no. Don’t believe what if that individual was delighted in their own life?, they will stop being toxic, wrong it really does not work like that, they are just how they choose to be, even if they had everything, there will be something that they will not be happy with. It is not you, it is just their own negative minds.

We need to realise that occasionally not everyone will want something promising for us.

Just be considerate and always be generously for another.

Can you not see?, how we treat another individual, , sometimes it will get back to the one that you love the most, and trust me it will hurt like hell. You will feel as if everything is on flame and your heart is pulled out from you so hard that the pain will never go away. So treat another person how you like to be treated.

Remember be a role model, everyone around you will take something from you. You can be better as a person if you want to be. It’s up to you how you want to be reflected as.

The Pure Soul Part Six

Iqra could hear the motor roaring, as the acceleration became quicker and louder. The odour became powerful as she inhaled and exhaled into it. That bittersweet poisonous whiff went into her mouth. Her breathing became harder to as she wheezed all that venom out. Iqra’s physique was agonizing as she could sense her skin on tough ground. She could taste the dust settles in her mouth, her silva was appearing. Her eyes were peaceful shut with difficulty coming throughout. The fear of glimpsing what was in vision, made Iqra’s stomach sense so rugged. Her heart was thumping so rapidly. All those voices were in her mind, telling her combination viewpoints of what was going to happen to her.

” Abid drive faster!, it’s a disaster. The man doesn’t have any time left”.

Iqra could feel her body found vulnerable as she heard the words. Her skin felt colder with the gestures found through her head. She finally opened her eyes, to see the sky that was blue with a bright orange sun beaming at her complexion.

She felt this rusty glimmer on her that gave her more pain as the slashes occurred so deep. Suddenly the car stopped without any indication, and Iqra’s body flew to the left like a doll with its head moving few times. She let out a scream “Aaaagghhhhh please help!!”, She felt confused and her eyes were blurry. This bright skin handsome man quickly holds her tight as she was pulled towards this rusty building. Abu, where’s my Abu.. Take me to my Abu please”, pleaded Iqra… Her tears were falling like little diamonds on to her burned skin.

Muhammed looked around to see, these three men supporting his body towards the mattress. He could see a glimpse of Iqra further away from him. “Iqra, oh my sweet baby, Abu loves you”..

All these needles were going into his insides, he feared these pointy sharp spikes, pinching inside his damaged fragility skin. But he felt frightened to speak and couldn’t disclose his voice to request to eliminate these elements around him.

“Oh Allah please help us, you have already written what is in our destiny, but please give us a chance to be better”.

Muhammed was speculating in his head, talking to the one that created everything. His pain was getting disastrous but these supporters that were around him were making him feel better by giving him the treatment.

Pure soul Part Five

Noor looked at herself in the glass mirror, there was something knowledgeable about the core of those droplet black spots, she approximately looked in fear. She could see her reflection but her body quivered with apprehension as her back hair stood out. There were goosebumps around the outside of her skin. She felt so prickly, all those little parts became scratched with her long sharp finger nails.

Her features were something perfect through her parents vision. But she did not feel too happy with herself. Something inside her was yearning to get out. She felt extremely empty like a dry out fig. Her soul needed some medicine to nourish it’s survival of this worlds desires. She felt as if everything was a rollercoaster, sometimes her moods were unpredictable. She could have so much energy one time and the next she will feel as if her body was paralysed to move around the comfortable bed.

“Why do I feel like something is dragging me towards it?, Why am I feeling distress to be better for this Dunya?”, she asked herself while trying to put these chemicals on her face to enhance her features more, to beautify herself. Was she really optimistic? To be given praises for her looks and her long silky hair. Was this arrogant behaviour, to be proud of her own flawless face.

“Is this certainly what I desire?, trying to survive a life where everyone is to satisfy and be delighted with my physical appearance?. Am I supposed to be happy when someone tries to speak good about my body?, is it not a skin deep then physical attraction?..

Is it not better to just find out about the one that has made me like this? are we not supposed to praise the one that has no partner, the most gracious and the most merciful?… She disputed with herself as she promptly obtained her makeup method…


Pure soul Part four

A bright light came towards Muhammed, he felt clean and pure. A voice whispered “Choose me or your family”. He could feel the sound breaking up as his heart wasn’t ready to give in. “I’m so sorry but they need me”. The light went further away from him as he turned away to the darkness.

Muhammad felt a warm hand on his face. “Abu, Abu, please wake up”, his eyes slowly opened to see a blurry bloody face. “Iqra!! Iqra!!”, he felt fear of losing her. He tried to speak but he could taste something bitter in his mouth. He spitted all the wet substance away from himself .

He started to shake his body to remove the heavy door that was on top of him. But he struggled as the weight stopped him too move. “Water! Please need some water”, he felt so thirsty and dry. But was too tired to speak again.

Iqra looked on as her father tried to get up. Her eyes were moist with tears. She was so happy to see him. “Abu, Abu, it’s okey , you will be fine”.

Iqra quickly used her hands to take out the heavy objects around her fathers body. She could see his feet and arms. “Someone please help!, her voice echoed around the dark building.

Suddenly she heard footsteps and a bright light coming from behind her fathers side. She felt her voice coming back. Please help !! Please help !!” Shouted Iqra.

The Pure soul Part Three

Iqra and her best friend Noor were friends from when they were three years old. They were always consistency together. Whenever one of them was injured, the other would feel the agony and they always knew if one of them was in trouble.

Every morning before the sunset they were send by their mothers to go and fetch water for their basic needs.  They walked two miles towards the hill with empty buckets, they always raced towards the water well which was right at the top of the hill. “I am winning!!” exclaimed Iqra, Noor was quite big and always managed to slowly walk towards the hill.

“Okey, okey I am coming! just let me have a rest, my legs are gone!” panted Noor.

 As it was quite dark they could see bright yellow paint on the base of the water well, which made it easier for them to recognise it, Iqra always read The yellow plague, she memorised it and silently quoted “O believers, give of what we have provided for you, Sisters from Aylesbury”, They filled their water and started to put the buckets on top of their heads to go down the hill slowly.

 They concentrated on not to drop the mineral water, as this was the only way for them to reach home without leaking the buckets. They went back to their houses slowly, but before they reached, a strange, crooked man with a beard, and a white cotton clothes, with eagle eyes was staring at them.

He took out his hand and whistled for them to stop. “Little princesses I have something for you! come and look at this bag”, he held a big brown bag with sweets. “Iqra was weak for sweets, she stopped and looked back to see the bag,

 But Noor knew this horrible man as he harassed so many girls in the village. “Iqra stop! Ignore him! He is not a nice man!”, Hissed Noor.

“But those sweets look so colourful and yummy! I’m sure he is just being generous,” replied back Iqra, who was drooling over the candies.

 Noor slowly put her bucket down and picked up a biggest rock, she watched in horror as Iqra walked towards the old man, “AAAGH get of me! Shrieked Iqra as the crooked man immediately grabbed her with both hands. Noor suddenly threw the rock in the direction of the man. It was so large that it hit him on the eyes, and he screamed in agony. He let go of Iqra, who was lost for breath.

 “Oouch, that hurt you little rat!”, cried the strange man.  

Both girls used their whistles for emergency “Whhhhhosssssh”, The sound was so loud that everyone could hear it from miles.  

Luckily, their mothers were nearby. “Help Ami” they shouted…

Suddenly their mothers saw them from the windows and slammed open their doors.

 They picked up their biggest roughest broom sticks and ran towards the man, but he sprinted with his hands on the eye, cursing, “You all are witches, I will come back and haunt you”, he hollered while struggling to see where he was going. The bizarre, crooked man with the bag, tripped and fell on to the cow’s manure. His face was covered with the gooey slimy dung. And he tried to speak but even his teeth were covered with the smelly muck.

 “You deserve that! May you never come back to this place again! Noor shouted.

 She hugged Iqra and they laughed at the sight of the man that day, as it was hilarious to look at. Iqra looked at Noor “I’m so sorry for being stupid! I won’t do that again I promise”. Four of them looked at each other in empathy.

This was one rare day that the mothers and the daughters hugged, tightly and giggled…

The Pure Soul Part Two

While they walked into the blazing sun which made their skins wet with sweat. Iqra stopped and put her hands inside her pocket, she could feel melted sweets on her fingers but she didn’t care , she quickly grabbed them and put the candies all in her mouth. She had so much that it was all dripping on her clothes. Her father stopped to clean her, “Why are you so messy, when it comes to food!, this was your new suit that your mother made for you!”, He shouted. But he could not be mad at her for too long, as she had those puppy eyes that made her get away with so much.

Muhammed pointed at his bag, “These are for you siblings and your mother, Special sweets for them”, Her father glanced at her and grinned, she looked angry “it’s not fair Abu! It’s my special day! And I am your favourite”.

She pulled her fathers bag, “Abu I am your first born, please let me have more “, she pouted. Muhammed could never say no to her but this time he sat down and softly said “No Iqra, you had too much sweets already, and your teeth will get more rotten if I give you more”..

Iqra felt she didn’t get her way so she thought and thought, then remembered,

“Abu please carry me now, I am so tired”, shouted Iqra. “Okey climb over, Muhammed crawled on the floor and let her climb his back,” Let’s go horsey”, beamed Iqra. While Muhammed got up, his heart was pounding so fast as suddenly he heard a sound, his eyes were locked towards the sky, there was this huge ball of flaming fire coming towards them.

Muhammed held his daughter tightly on the back and ran to the nearest building, but all he could hear was the hissing sound of the fire behind him. He could hear Iqra screaming behind his ear, but Muhammed looked ahead. “Bang, bang!!” It all got exploded, the walls came off the building, it was too late, they were trapped in a tiny destruction.

“Abu, Abu, help me!”, Iqra shouted but the smoke was so much that she could not see, as everything was foggy. Her eyes were burning from the acids of the smoke. Iqra lay in the darkness, awaiting someone to rescue her and her Abu.

With the willpower she moved her figure and tried searching into murkiness and grimy floor. She became motionless as she felt something cold and wet. She crawled towards it, she started to smell a familiar perfume around her. “Abu, Abu”, she whispered. She touched a broken plaster, and grabbed it to remove it, her hands started to dig slowly towards it, she felt her father’s shalwar, the soft cotton that was now in dust.

The Pure Soul

In the black pitch shadowiness hole, Iqra could feel something sharp crawling slowly towards her upper body. She tried not to stress as she swiftly tried to move from side to side shake it off. But in the gloominess, she felt powerless as her body became like a statue. She felt suffocated as she tried to breath into this strange air.

Iqra attempted to shift her body despite that the discomfort of her muscles electrically became unbearable.

. “Aaaaggghhhh”, her scream echoed around the motionless unilluminated night.

Something creepy with four legs cut sharp through her skin, and blood tickled down her spine. It became flow of warm and wet around her torn silk clothes.

Her hands unsteadily touched her face, she could feel the cuts around her delicate skin. Her eyes were moist with tiny pearl tears, slowly touching her weak cheeks. She brushed it off with her hands.

“Why Allah, why us?”, She mumbled, as she struggled with the words. Iqra closed her eyes and tried patiently to wait for her to wake up from this nightmare.

Complete Guide to Night Sky & Star Photography

There was this popular shop where everyone went to get famous English sweets, Iqra persuaded her father to take her there on her birthday. After months of convincing, her father agreed to take her. Iqra and her father Muhammed raced towards the shop, but as Iqra was small and young she was speedier. “Abu I am winning, you are a loser”, Iqra shouted enthusiastically as she became closer to the sweet shop. “Yay I am faster!!”, Gleamed Iqra. Her father Muhammed stopped to rest, as he felt extremely tired out.

“Abu, you promised me, that I can choose all the sweets that I want, if I beat you in the race”,

Muhammed looked at her shaking his head “You cheated, you ran before me”, his hand pointed at Iqra, “YOU cheated”, but he could not be mad at her, as he slowly cracked a smile. “Let us go to the sweet shop, and please don’t tell your mother that you beat me in the race, as she will never let me live”.

Iqra hugged her father tightly, she could smell the familiar musk around him. She felt safe. “Okey Abu I won’t tell mother I promise”.

Iqra’s face lit up, as she started to look around the shop, she found so many colourful sweets. She quickly grabbed the sweets with her small hands. She ran towards the counter and all her sweets were on it. “Uncle jee, I want these please, and give us a discount as its my birthday”, she sassily smiles.

Arabic Sweet Shop - Knefe - Ramallah - Palestine | Pimpin Turtle | Flickr