Pure soul Part four

A bright light came towards Muhammed, he felt clean and pure. A voice whispered “Choose me or your family”. He could feel the sound breaking up as his heart wasn’t ready to give in. “I’m so sorry but they need me”. The light went further away from him as he turned away to the darkness.

Muhammad felt a warm hand on his face. “Abu, Abu, please wake up”, his eyes slowly opened to see a blurry bloody face. “Iqra!! Iqra!!”, he felt fear of losing her. He tried to speak but he could taste something bitter in his mouth. He spitted all the wet substance away from himself .

He started to shake his body to remove the heavy door that was on top of him. But he struggled as the weight stopped him too move. “Water! Please need some water”, he felt so thirsty and dry. But was too tired to speak again.

Iqra looked on as her father tried to get up. Her eyes were moist with tears. She was so happy to see him. “Abu, Abu, it’s okey , you will be fine”.

Iqra quickly used her hands to take out the heavy objects around her fathers body. She could see his feet and arms. “Someone please help!, her voice echoed around the dark building.

Suddenly she heard footsteps and a bright light coming from behind her fathers side. She felt her voice coming back. Please help !! Please help !!” Shouted Iqra.

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