The Pure soul Part Three

Iqra and her best friend Noor were friends from when they were three years old. They were always consistency together. Whenever one of them was injured, the other would feel the agony and they always knew if one of them was in trouble.

Every morning before the sunset they were send by their mothers to go and fetch water for their basic needs.  They walked two miles towards the hill with empty buckets, they always raced towards the water well which was right at the top of the hill. “I am winning!!” exclaimed Iqra, Noor was quite big and always managed to slowly walk towards the hill.

“Okey, okey I am coming! just let me have a rest, my legs are gone!” panted Noor.

 As it was quite dark they could see bright yellow paint on the base of the water well, which made it easier for them to recognise it, Iqra always read The yellow plague, she memorised it and silently quoted “O believers, give of what we have provided for you, Sisters from Aylesbury”, They filled their water and started to put the buckets on top of their heads to go down the hill slowly.

 They concentrated on not to drop the mineral water, as this was the only way for them to reach home without leaking the buckets. They went back to their houses slowly, but before they reached, a strange, crooked man with a beard, and a white cotton clothes, with eagle eyes was staring at them.

He took out his hand and whistled for them to stop. “Little princesses I have something for you! come and look at this bag”, he held a big brown bag with sweets. “Iqra was weak for sweets, she stopped and looked back to see the bag,

 But Noor knew this horrible man as he harassed so many girls in the village. “Iqra stop! Ignore him! He is not a nice man!”, Hissed Noor.

“But those sweets look so colourful and yummy! I’m sure he is just being generous,” replied back Iqra, who was drooling over the candies.

 Noor slowly put her bucket down and picked up a biggest rock, she watched in horror as Iqra walked towards the old man, “AAAGH get of me! Shrieked Iqra as the crooked man immediately grabbed her with both hands. Noor suddenly threw the rock in the direction of the man. It was so large that it hit him on the eyes, and he screamed in agony. He let go of Iqra, who was lost for breath.

 “Oouch, that hurt you little rat!”, cried the strange man.  

Both girls used their whistles for emergency “Whhhhhosssssh”, The sound was so loud that everyone could hear it from miles.  

Luckily, their mothers were nearby. “Help Ami” they shouted…

Suddenly their mothers saw them from the windows and slammed open their doors.

 They picked up their biggest roughest broom sticks and ran towards the man, but he sprinted with his hands on the eye, cursing, “You all are witches, I will come back and haunt you”, he hollered while struggling to see where he was going. The bizarre, crooked man with the bag, tripped and fell on to the cow’s manure. His face was covered with the gooey slimy dung. And he tried to speak but even his teeth were covered with the smelly muck.

 “You deserve that! May you never come back to this place again! Noor shouted.

 She hugged Iqra and they laughed at the sight of the man that day, as it was hilarious to look at. Iqra looked at Noor “I’m so sorry for being stupid! I won’t do that again I promise”. Four of them looked at each other in empathy.

This was one rare day that the mothers and the daughters hugged, tightly and giggled…

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