The Pure Soul Part Two

While they walked into the blazing sun which made their skins wet with sweat. Iqra stopped and put her hands inside her pocket, she could feel melted sweets on her fingers but she didn’t care , she quickly grabbed them and put the candies all in her mouth. She had so much that it was all dripping on her clothes. Her father stopped to clean her, “Why are you so messy, when it comes to food!, this was your new suit that your mother made for you!”, He shouted. But he could not be mad at her for too long, as she had those puppy eyes that made her get away with so much.

Muhammed pointed at his bag, “These are for you siblings and your mother, Special sweets for them”, Her father glanced at her and grinned, she looked angry “it’s not fair Abu! It’s my special day! And I am your favourite”.

She pulled her fathers bag, “Abu I am your first born, please let me have more “, she pouted. Muhammed could never say no to her but this time he sat down and softly said “No Iqra, you had too much sweets already, and your teeth will get more rotten if I give you more”..

Iqra felt she didn’t get her way so she thought and thought, then remembered,

“Abu please carry me now, I am so tired”, shouted Iqra. “Okey climb over, Muhammed crawled on the floor and let her climb his back,” Let’s go horsey”, beamed Iqra. While Muhammed got up, his heart was pounding so fast as suddenly he heard a sound, his eyes were locked towards the sky, there was this huge ball of flaming fire coming towards them.

Muhammed held his daughter tightly on the back and ran to the nearest building, but all he could hear was the hissing sound of the fire behind him. He could hear Iqra screaming behind his ear, but Muhammed looked ahead. “Bang, bang!!” It all got exploded, the walls came off the building, it was too late, they were trapped in a tiny destruction.

“Abu, Abu, help me!”, Iqra shouted but the smoke was so much that she could not see, as everything was foggy. Her eyes were burning from the acids of the smoke. Iqra lay in the darkness, awaiting someone to rescue her and her Abu.

With the willpower she moved her figure and tried searching into murkiness and grimy floor. She became motionless as she felt something cold and wet. She crawled towards it, she started to smell a familiar perfume around her. “Abu, Abu”, she whispered. She touched a broken plaster, and grabbed it to remove it, her hands started to dig slowly towards it, she felt her father’s shalwar, the soft cotton that was now in dust.

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