The Pure Soul

In the black pitch shadowiness hole, Iqra could feel something sharp crawling slowly towards her upper body. She tried not to stress as she swiftly tried to move from side to side shake it off. But in the gloominess, she felt powerless as her body became like a statue. She felt suffocated as she tried to breath into this strange air.

Iqra attempted to shift her body despite that the discomfort of her muscles electrically became unbearable.

. “Aaaaggghhhh”, her scream echoed around the motionless unilluminated night.

Something creepy with four legs cut sharp through her skin, and blood tickled down her spine. It became flow of warm and wet around her torn silk clothes.

Her hands unsteadily touched her face, she could feel the cuts around her delicate skin. Her eyes were moist with tiny pearl tears, slowly touching her weak cheeks. She brushed it off with her hands.

“Why Allah, why us?”, She mumbled, as she struggled with the words. Iqra closed her eyes and tried patiently to wait for her to wake up from this nightmare.

Complete Guide to Night Sky & Star Photography

There was this popular shop where everyone went to get famous English sweets, Iqra persuaded her father to take her there on her birthday. After months of convincing, her father agreed to take her. Iqra and her father Muhammed raced towards the shop, but as Iqra was small and young she was speedier. “Abu I am winning, you are a loser”, Iqra shouted enthusiastically as she became closer to the sweet shop. “Yay I am faster!!”, Gleamed Iqra. Her father Muhammed stopped to rest, as he felt extremely tired out.

“Abu, you promised me, that I can choose all the sweets that I want, if I beat you in the race”,

Muhammed looked at her shaking his head “You cheated, you ran before me”, his hand pointed at Iqra, “YOU cheated”, but he could not be mad at her, as he slowly cracked a smile. “Let us go to the sweet shop, and please don’t tell your mother that you beat me in the race, as she will never let me live”.

Iqra hugged her father tightly, she could smell the familiar musk around him. She felt safe. “Okey Abu I won’t tell mother I promise”.

Iqra’s face lit up, as she started to look around the shop, she found so many colourful sweets. She quickly grabbed the sweets with her small hands. She ran towards the counter and all her sweets were on it. “Uncle jee, I want these please, and give us a discount as its my birthday”, she sassily smiles.

Arabic Sweet Shop - Knefe - Ramallah - Palestine | Pimpin Turtle | Flickr

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