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Always follow your heart, it will take you to so many different paths…

Pure soul Part three

Iqra and her best friend Noor were friends from when they were three years old. They were always consistency together. Whenever one of them was injured, the other would feel the agony and they always knew if one of them was in trouble. Every morning before the sunset they were send by their mothers toContinue reading “Pure soul Part three”

Pure Soul Part Two

While they walked into the blazing sun which made their skins wet with sweat. Iqra stopped and put her hands inside her pocket, she could feel melted sweets on her fingers but she didn’t care , she quickly grabbed them and put the candies all in her mouth. She had so much that it wasContinue reading “Pure Soul Part Two”

The Pure Soul

In the black pitch shadowiness hole, Iqra could feel something sharp crawling slowly towards her upper body. She tried not to stress as she swiftly tried to move from side to side shake it off. But in the gloominess, she felt powerless as her body became like a statue. She felt suffocated as she triedContinue reading “The Pure Soul”

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The Pure Soul

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